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Testimonial #1

"It's always a pleasant surprise when you hire a company to do work for you and they leave you feeling very pleased about your decision. In my opinion Locksmith In Central Londonis one of those companies. I had been looking for someone to rekey a series of doors in our warehouse when I came across Locksmith Central London during an Internet search. I called with my inquiry and had all my questions answered. It was quickly apparent that the staff at Locksmith In Central London knew their stuff. The locksmith arrived promptly and actually discussed a master key solution as well as some high security locks that were still within my budget. He took the time to explain to me the advantages to the products he was about to install and left the decision to me. No high pressure sales tactics, just arming the customer with knowledge. Thanks for the job well done and assisting me in this project!"

Testimonial #2

"I am very pleased with the work that Locksmith In Central London completed at my home. I recently found out that the housekeep I had hired was untrustworthy as a few valuable items went missing even though I live alone. I decided to dismiss her immediately but was worried she made copies of the keys to my home. At the recommendation of my niece I called Locksmith Central Londonto have my locks rekeyed to prevent this young lady from returning while I was not at home and take anything else. The staff member from Locksmith In Central Londonwas very kind and courteous as he rekeyed the locks and even fixed a problem I had with the front door. Apparently he had to repair the front deadbolt as it was sticking and could possibly break a key down the road. Not only was the work done to my satisfaction, I found the final bill reasonable for the great work that the locksmith did."

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